About Us


IEG exemplifies such a brilliant legacy almost 16 years in the field of engineering services. for years it has remained true to its roots and core values while being at the forefront of innovation and global trends.

This is no small feat considering that IEG operates in the Middle East, Africa. also considering the broad scope of our service portfolio which includes architecture, landscaping, civil, MEP, and process engineering.

Thanks to our team, which is more than 50 people strong, we have been able to achieve such a feat. we take great pride in our team and understand that we can only grow from strength to strength by the best calibers and cultivating their talents and expertise. This commitment has allowed us to deliver the best quality service at every stage of each project.

Our team IEG provides. feasibility studies, design, construction management, procurement, and quality control.

Together, leadership and team, we look forward to a better engineering future.